Ethics & Governance is a CHALLENGE!!

Candidates starting the CPA Program think that Ethics & Governance (E&G) is easier to pass than the other subjects!!

FACT: 35% of candidates failed in Semester 2, 2020 –  the same as Financial Reporting!

 Candidates struggle for the following reasons:

  • They do not adapt their study approach to meet the  professional qualification standards
  • They are unable to apply the principles and concepts to application based questions
  • Concepts are challenging for those from a different cultural background
  • Unable to maintain focus and relevance, especially where English is their second language

To help you understand what is involved with E&G, PDL Academy has put together a sample pack that will give you some insights into how we can support you with the subject. 

Our Free Sample Pack includes ….

  1. Quick Reference Index (QRI) – that candidates say is  a major help in the exam itself
  2. Module Summary – a summary of the key learning points covering Module 1 of the study guide
  3. Practice Test – access to 1 practice test that will get you ready for your exam

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Get the help you need with a subject expert that will provide support, understanding and insights so that you can achieve success and avoid being a failure statistic.


Dear PDL academy, I am happy to present this reference letter as a student of PDL academy. I found Mr Adu-Osae a highly intelligent individual who provides an effective approach for teaching topics within Ethics and Governance. Mr Adu-Osae is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge to get through the subject. He feels a strong sense of responsibility to the students in his class and takes their success in the Ethics and Governance personally.

Mr Adu-Osae is a valuable addition to the PDL faculty, his wit and sense humor makes the subject fun and enjoyable and his background and education gives students the confidence to succeed in the subject.

David Lau E&G