PDL Academy has a successful track record of delivering tuition for the CPA Program® and one of the many advantages of being a registered tuition provider for the CPA Program is we can offer your organisation and employees a corporate discount package.

The benefits of tuition support for the CPA Program are:

  • Our tuition support is the benchmark in tuition for the CPA Program that’s why CPA Australia partnered with us, we have the expertise and knowledge and our tutors are subject matter experts who are passionate about the quality of tuition they provide for the CPA Program
  • We are the only approved registered tuition provider for the CPA Program in Australia offering face to face tuition
  • We provide tuition which enhances candidates learning and knowledge for the CPA Program
  • We can guarantee and assure candidates that they are receiving CPA approved materials
  • We have comprehensive online learning resources to support and supplement candidates learning

Our goal is to support, guide and motivate candidates through their journey with the CPA Program

Why not reward your staff now, and talk to us about our corporate package support@pdlacademy.com.au