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Intensive Focus – your intensive accelerated learning package

A time efficient approach to understanding the study guide – held in the last few weeks of the semester, classes are facilitated by a subject matter expert that will focus on the critical areas of the study guide. Great for candidates who are time poor or need that extra support in the weeks leading up to the exam.


  • covers critical areas of the study guide
  • unique and extensive study materials
  • condensed and structured classes held on weekends
  • classes are live and recorded – accessible 24/7
  • master your exam techniques to provide you with confidence going into the exam
  • ask questions and clarify pain points with expert tutors

Study Option Inclusions

15 hours of interactive online tuition, incl exam revision
  • 15 hours of online tuition
  • intensive review of the study guide
Classes Recorded
  • Recordings or each session available within 24 hours after completion of the class, available 24/7
Pre-recorded Lectures
  • provides base knowledge and understanding of the study guide
  • provides insight into the subject matter
  • accessible 24/7
PDL Support Slides
  • developed by PDL Academy with significant enhancement by PDL Academy tutor insights
  • provides an extensive high-level summary of material content
  • reinforces the core knowledge from the study guide
  • aligned to the CPA study guide learning objectives
Quick Reference Index© (QRI)
  • a great tool to use in the exam
  • an index to assist you in navigating the study guide
  • adaptable to meet your specific requirements
  • a great revision tool
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's)
  • questions are aligned to the study guide modules, timed with feedback provided
  • designed to test your knowledge of the modules in the study guide
  • identify strengths and weaknesses of topic areas
  • comprehensive range of questions covering the study guide
  • structured differently to Practice Tests
PDL Study Tracker©

  • interactive planning tool allows you to monitor and manage your study throughout the semester
  • weighted and aligned with the study guide modules so that you can track how you are progressing in your studies
  • specifically tailored to each subject integrating a range of learning resources and assessments
  • keeps you on track to achieve a successful result
PDL Exam Guide & Videos
  • tips & techniques to prepare you for the exam
  • guide to help you prepare and understand what to expect leading up to and during the exam.
  • 4 short videos on exam tips and what to expect in the exam