Tuition Provider for the Foundation Exams

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$347full price
  • Ask a Tutor
    Post online questions & clarify areas of the study guide that you are having difficulty with
  • 7 - 10 hours of videos and pre-recorded lectures
    introduction lectures on each module that will provide base knowledge and understanding of the study guide
  • Student support notes
    provides a high-level summary of study guide content
  • Multiple choice questions, timed with feedback
    designed to test your knowledge of each module in the study guide
  • Key learning points
    Great summary of the key areas of the study guide to help you master the subject, a great tool to use in the exam
  • Links to other resources
    valuable links that providing more in-depth understanding of topics relative to the study guide (will vary on the subject)
  • Example calculations
    a sample of key calculation methods/models to assist your understanding
  • PDL Study Tracker
    interactive planning tool allows you to monitor and manage your study
  • PDL Exam Guide & Videos
    Tips & techniques that will prepare you for the exam
  • Study Assurance
    Tips & techniques that will prepare you for the exam
$88full price
  • 3 Timed Tests @ 90 minutes each per test
  • 50 questions per test timed with explanations
  • Structured in accordance with the exam weighting
  • Performance feedback that identifies strengths & weaknesses
  • PDL Exam Guide & Videos