If you would like to discuss tuition or would like to speak to one of our advisers please contact our support team at: support@pdlacademy.com.au

Do I need to register first to purchase tuition?2017-12-05T10:27:04+11:00

No – you do not need to register to purchase tuition. Once you have completed your enrolment you will receive an email with your login details.

Do you have a Promotional Code?2017-12-05T10:31:13+11:00

No – we do not have any promotional codes available. The promotional code option that you can see on our website is for administration purposes only.

What is the difference between MCQ’s and Practice Tests, and how many attempts do I have?2017-12-05T10:33:34+11:00

MCQ’s are designed to test your knowledge around module subject matter, you can attempt the MCQ’s multiple times.

Practice Tests are designed to replicate half of an exam, these can only be taken once to give you the feel of answering questions under time pressure .

How many attempts do I get with Practice Tests for Foundation level subjects?2017-12-05T10:34:33+11:00

You are provided with three timed tests which allows you to attempt each test twice.

Can I print the materials?2017-12-05T10:36:09+11:00

Yes – you can print most of our materials except our Multiple-Choice Questions and Practice Tests.

I have failed FR by a few marks only and was thinking of repeating it while combining it with another subject since I already know FR and need not study it again as I did last semester.2019-06-18T23:58:04+10:00

FR is the toughest subject to pass in the CPA program.  It, therefore, requires the most amount of time to study.   Please call our PDL Support Staff for advice on this matter as it requires a more comprehensive discussion.

I am planning to do two subjects this semester, what would be the best combination of subjects I should enrol for?2016-12-09T16:23:20+11:00

The combination you choose depends on several factors like:

  1. The amount of time you have available to study.
  2. Your other priorities as studying for two subjects is a challenge particularly if you are working full-time and have other personal commitments.
  3. If you are combining with an Elective, the relevance of the Elective to your daily work and career aspirations
  4. There is no ideal combination of subjects you can choose to take, but our experience has shown that combining FR and SMA has been the most challenging combination for students
Can I log in from my phone or tablet?2016-12-09T16:23:20+11:00

This website is constructed using ‘responsive technology’ which means it is accessible from mobile phones, iPads/tablets, laptops or desktop computers. To make accessing the site simpler we have provided instructions on adding an ‘App Style’ icon to your home screen of your mobile phone or tablet.

Are the recordings downloadable?2016-10-12T11:07:33+11:00

No — due to copyright limitations sessions cannot be downloaded to your computer.

Are the classes recorded?2019-06-19T00:02:00+10:00

Face to Face classes are not recorded

How do I gain access?2016-10-12T11:06:28+11:00

Once registered for a subject, instructions will be sent to you on how to gain online access in addition to other relevant information.

What are the system requirements?2016-10-12T11:05:56+11:00

You need to have an Internet connection and a headset (rather than use the computer microphone and speaker). Ipad and iPhone can be used as well.

What system is used?2016-10-12T11:05:21+11:00

We use Zoom, which is used by a number of universities to deliver their courses online.

Can I get a discount?2019-06-19T00:04:07+10:00

Yes – we provide an early bird discount at the beginning of each semester and is available for CPA Program subjects only.

Can you help me obtain a study visa?2016-10-12T11:04:15+11:00

We do not provide study visa services, however, we can refer you to a preferred professional organisation that can assist with such matters

How often can I access the recordings and how long does the access last?2017-12-05T09:46:58+11:00

CPA Program recordings are available 24/7 and access to recordings is available up until the end of each semester you have enrolled in.

Foundation level recordings are available 24/7 and access to recordings is available for 12 months from enrolment.

Can I have some sample materials on your teaching methodology and sample questions to prepare for the exams?2016-10-12T11:02:27+11:00

PDL do not provide samples of materials or teaching methodologies. Teaching styles vary from tutor to tutor as does the subject matter

Can I contact tutors outside class time?2016-10-12T11:01:50+11:00

Yes — all tutors will advise you on how you are to communicate with them. This will normally be done during the first class.

Can I view the tutors’ profile?2016-10-12T11:01:16+11:00

Yes — the tutor profiles are available on this website.

Is there any difference in materials used for each subject option?2019-06-19T00:10:36+10:00

PDL tuition support materials may differ from subject to subject but the focus will be the same in offering comprehensive tuition support for the subject you have enrolled in.

What materials does PDL supply?2019-06-19T00:14:08+10:00

PDL Academy provides a range of CPA approved materials  (dependent upon the subject option you choose), materials are designed to suit everyone’s need.

Does PDL get access to past papers?2016-10-12T10:57:20+11:00

CPA Australia does not allow access to past papers. Test questions on the CPA online learning portal tend to be somewhat easier than the standard in the exams. Our materials are CPA approved and our Q&A’s & Practice Tests is the closest you will get to exam standard questions.

How will PDL tuition help me?2019-12-04T14:44:07+11:00

PDL Academy tutors will provide focus, support, and guidance to ensure you have the best chance of achieving success in your exam.  Our tuition facilitates an in-depth understanding of the subject material, course content is covered in-depth, addressing key learning objectives that are examinable. Our expert tutors focus is solely about you excelling in your exams.


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