cpa_logoRegistered Tuition Provider for the CPA Program®

Live Online
  • 15 hours tuition
    Intensive study approach enabling you to catch up & focus on the critical areas
  • (incl exam revision)
  • Classes Recorded
    recordings of each session (15hrs) accessible 24/7
  • Pre-recorded Lectures
    introduction lectures on each module that will provide base knowledge and understanding of the study guide
  • CPA Support Slides
    provides an extensive summary of material content
  • Quick Reference Index
    a great revision tool to assist you navigating the study guide & use in the exam
  • Multiple Choice Questions
    designed to test your knowledge of each module in the study guide
  • PDL Study Tracker
    interactive planning tool allows you to monitor and manage your study
  • PDL Exam Guide & Videos
    tips & techniques that will prepare you for the exam
  • Tips & techniques that will prepare you for the exam