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Dear PDL Academy, I would like to say a special thank you to Trevor Davey this semester for his extended online sessions on Wednesdays and Sunday afternoons. The extra  support through countless detailed emails explaining and clarifying many student queries. SMA is my last CPA module and definitely my hardest module. I must say after studying last semester face to face, I was very hesitant to attempt online learning being “old school” the thought of an online lecture was enough to make me cringe. Trevor Davey has been remarkable an excellent lecturer who was able to effectively communicate and answer so many queries from so many students online. To be honest I’m sad the sessions have finished.  I would like to take this opportunity to also thank PDL Academy who helped me last semester to pass GSL. I will recommend PDL to anyone trying to complete their CPA studies. TZ IR Online Oct 2015


"I joined PDL for Financial Reporting. When I  went through the study guide, I was in a panic mode. I decided I needed help and joined PDL. I was lucky to have Mugu as our tutor. An excellent tutor I have ever come across. He gave extensive notes and I was confident that I would get good score. I got Credit in my exams. I was so glad I joined PDL. Thanks Mugu!" August 2015 DR

 The PDL training course proved invaluable. There's no WAY I would have prepared in the same way as provided with PDL. I would have likely been stuck re-taking the exam. Instead, I achieved a Distinction which I credit mostly to PDL's intensive tuition, preparation and additional material (i.e. the toolkit). Thanks to Suzanne and the organisers. Now I hope the same for Tax and Audit so I can complete my CPA worry-free! Thanks CR. July 2015